Standing up for our Communities

Our local communities have suffered terribly from overdevelopment and too much housing being built without sufficient local facilities and infrastructure. 

For over a decade, there has been an tireless drive by Lib Dem controlled Eastleigh Borough Council to build thousands of new homes on our precious green spaces. The character of our towns and villages has changed substantially with large-scale housing developments which have often been put in against the wishes of residents and local communities.  This housing has often gone up quickly but the community infrastructure has been slow to appear. We now have a situation where local transport links, health services and schools are overstretched and struggling to keep up with demand. 

I'm committed to Standing up for our Communities against this overdevelopment and fighting for better local services. We all recognise that housing does need to be built, but we must do it sustainably. We must take into account the effect that large scale developments have on our local communities and we must also take into account the amount of housing that has been built already before approving any more development. 

This is why I am campaigning to:

  • Scrap the unwanted Local Plan put forward by the Liberal Democrats and replace it with a sustainable plan instead.
  • Reject the sprawling development of 2,400 homes on greenfields at One Horton Heath, which is being put forward by the local council.
  • Regenerate our town centre and use the brownfield sites in and around central Eastleigh to meet future housing demand.
  • Install the community infrastructure we need before allowing any more new homes to be built.


Paul opposes Hamble Lane Mineral Extraction plans

Many people have asked for my view on the proposals for a mineral extraction site in Hamble. I have always opposed the senseless development along Hamble Lane and believe that this area cannot cope with anymore development. I am completely opposed to this proposal. 

Paul attends Remembrance Service in Hedge End

This morning I attended Hedge End’s Remembrance Service. This year I had representatives laying wreaths on my behalf across the Eastleigh constituency. On this national day of remembrance it’s important that we pay respects to those who gave their lives so we can live ours.

Paul visits Hopscotch Nursery

Today I visited Hopscotch Nursery in Eastleigh today after their grand opening at the weekend. It was a pleasure to meet the staff and hear all about the great work that the team there are doing. 

Paul attends Eastleigh War Memorial on Armistice Day

As we remember Armistice Day and those who gave their lives for our freedom, I joined the service of remembrance in Eastleigh this morning. I also had the pleasure of unveiling a new bench to remember those who gave their lives during the Second World War. Lest We Forget.